About Us


We believe wellness is living a life of balance. A lifestyle that benefits your mind, body and soul. We want to ensure everyone has what they need to live a healthy, happy and more balanced life. That means access to high-quality products, rich in the benefits Mother Nature intended

Core Values

Our core values at Green Habit form the very backbone of our identity. Our innate belief about choosing a healthy lifestyle makes us persevere to provide you with the highest quality products.

We firmly believe we supply products that are extraordinary and exceptionally suited to increase your health quotient. However, we strive relentlessly to make sure our quality goes a notch higher with every passing day. We believe in improvement and give ourselves very high standards to live up to. We go an extra mile to recognise and make innumerable attempts to overcome our shortcomings and strengthen our competency in order to provide the best possible service to you.

We value customer feedback and only aim to deliver a “wow” experience each time they trust us and buy our products. There’s no greater satisfaction for a company than to be appreciated with great customer experience and genuine, gratifying feedback.  Our valued customers have expectations from us and our core aim is to surpass all of these and surprise them with an even better experience, thereby achieving greater heights.

Well-being forms the crux of our brand where we believe in having a rather significant and positive impact with everything we do. After a thorough research, we provide our customers with effective products that are integral to their well-being and educate them with content which will only enlighten them further about the benefits of organic products and enhance their lifestyle. We ensure a healthy work environment by having an encouraging and helpful attitude



To achieve our vision, we have a three- levelled approach,

  • To provide 100% natural 0%chemicals 100%organic products
  • To benchmark our products at a price feasible to all.
  • To delight our clients with proper and reliable services.

We deliver an eclectic range of nutritious superfoods from across the world to bring out the super you in you.